Alarm Systems

Our security systems include wired, wireless, and hybrid solutions designed for any application. Our equipment can be adapted to the security needs of the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors, guaranteeing its quality and operation.

Video surveillance

We have a wide range of security cameras with the best resolution on the market and a maximum level of detail to guarantee the effectiveness of their visualization.

Residential Fire

We install Fire Protection systems by analysing the characteristics of the premises and their use, to protect the safety of people and property.

Access control

Manage access to the different areas and departments of your company with personal identification devices such as: cards, Keypads, keychains, smartphone, or fingerprint.

Smart Security

Lock your doors and turn off the lights all from your smartphone. Smart homes include advanced security systems with cameras and motion sensors.

Build your own!

Our basic package includes 1 Panel, 1 motion and 3 sensors and key fobs, however, you can add and personalize the add-ons to your alarm system.